Driver’s Ed Prepares for State Testing

Driver’s Ed Prepares for State Testing

Alistair Clodi, Managing Editor

After practicing driving and learning the rules of the road, Driver’s Ed students are now preparing for the final driving test.

Many students become a nervous wreck when faced with such a large challenge such as a driving test.

“I’m relatively confident, but still nervous,” stated Gabe Uhl, ‘26.

When new drivers get onto the road, inexperience can play a factor in funny situations occurring.

“Dalen tried to turn onto a one-way,” Issac Henry, ‘26 said.

Going with inexperience, there’s always the difficult things drivers just can’t seem to pick up on.

“Changing lanes and interstate driving,” stated Uhl

“I would say paying attention to all the other driver’s and their mistakes,” Laleana Coonce, ‘26 added.

We wish all students going into Drivers Ed testing the best of luck!