The drought is over: Rams Football win big over Triad


Kaylee Lemons, Sports Writer

Last Friday MV’s football team won their first game since October 2, 2015. This was a

major achievement for the Rams.

The Rams competed against the Knights of Triad High School at Troy, Illinois.

The home team dominated most of the first half of the game with a 17 to 0 lead, causing

frustration for the Rams.

The Rams were battling themselves and had some battles with the referees when two

touchdowns were called back during the first quarter.

However, the Rams completely turned the game around in the second half with a strong


A 40-yard touchdown following a fumble recovery got the team back on track at the end

of the 2nd quarter, which set the stage for a successful second half.

The Rams scored two additional defensive touchdowns, and one forty-yard offensive

touchdown, completed by seniors Nick Malone and Isaiah Dameron.

The team played a strong defense and prevented Triad from scoring any additional

points during the third and fourth quarters.

MV was victorious with a final score of 25 to 17.

“That’s the best way to win,” said Coach Jerod Kessler. “Going through adversity like

that, being down, back against the wall, fighting back. [It] shows a lot of character in the team.”

Players, coaches, and supporters are overjoyed by the win and hope to keep the rain

coming after the 23 game drought.

“We kept fighting and everyone did their job and we believed in each other which was a

main key!” said Malone. “It was just the best feeling, all my brothers there celebrating

and having fun!”