New Operations Center Under Construction

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New Operations Center Under Construction

Althea Stachyra, Managing Editor

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A new operations building is currently under construction on the MV campus.

It is located by the football field, next to the John Kabat Greenhouse.

The building is grows a bit more each day, and the structure of the building is set to be finished by late November of 2018. Then, the inside will be finished out.

     It is to be used for Operations and maintenance equipment, tools and offices.

     “The new building will be where maintenance is housed,” said Mr. Brian Rightnowar, Facilities Manager.

Mr.  Rightnowar is excited about the new addition, and is ready to move in to the new maintenance HQ.

The building was originally considered during construction of the new campus.

However, it was eventually cut out of the budget.

     According to Mr. Rightnowar, there is not enough space in the current Operations area.

     Because of the lack of storage, the addition is necessary now that MV’s new campus is on it’s third year.

     Along with the Operation’s Center, a parking lot for the operations staff and an athletic storage building are to be built in the future.

     “The floor of the athletic storage building is supposed to be poured on Wednesday, [October 31].” said Mr. Rightnowar.