Vintage Signage Added to Changnon Gymnasium

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Vintage Signage Added to Changnon Gymnasium

Grant Smith, Editor-In-Chief

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As students, staff, and visitors enter Changnon Gymnasium, they will now be greeted by a familiar memory.

On November 5, 2018 the MV Operations team installed two signs in the main gymnasium.

One sign, which hung above the old Khaos Kage, reads, “Home of the Mount Vernon Rams.”

The sign now hangs above the new Kage, which is on the South side of the gym. The sign was hung as is, with no refurbishing.

According to information provided by Mrs. Emily Timmons, Athletic Office, Ms. Sara Rennie, former MV teacher and current assistant Lady Rams volleyball coach, and Mr. Doug Creel, Athletic Director, collaborated in achieving the display of the memorabilia.

The two coaches are currently working on getting other displays and memorabilia in the new high school, including the state championship banners, which will hang in the Auxiliary Gym, and the old Changnon Gym center court display, which featured the ram head.

The other piece is a plaque, which was originally hanging in the East side of the front entry of the old Changnon Gym. The plaque was installed by the entrance of the new gym.