MV Bowling Sweeps South 7


Jacque Wilson

On January 4, 2022, MV bowling teams traveled to Salem to compete in the South 7 conference championship.

“I went in with the mentality of wanting to do good as well as place as a team and an individual.  I kept that in my head throughout the day,” stated Emily Elliott, ‘23.

Obviously, the mentality paid off, as the MV Rams and Lady Rams both placed first this year in the South Seven Conference.  Several individual bowlers within the team placed as well.

Junior Makayla Storment, brought home first place in the conference for the Lady Rams with an overall score of 944.  Other individual winners include Emily Elliott placing second in the girls division with a score of 927.  For the boys, Dakota Minor placed third, bowling a 964, and Nate Meyers achieved fifth place in the conference with a 920.

Emotions were scattered amongst the team throughout the day.

“I was happy, but I was also sad since it was my last time doing this with the team that I love so much,” stated senior Rianna Baurer.

Morgan Moschino, ‘23 had similar feelings stating, “My emotions were everywhere that day.  Ranging from happy, to blessed, to scared!”

Storment added, “We were nervous but had good thoughts all day.  Then we realized we had a real potential to win so we pushed through and took the dub!”

Throughout the day, many players stated that the support of their teammates and coach is what got them through.

“The atmosphere of the team and our coach was amazing!  We all encouraged each other throughout the whole day.  We didn’t let our bad games stop us from keeping our heads up and in return we didn’t let them stop us from winning,” said Elliott.

Another avenue of support came from parents.

Mellissa Elliott, Elliott’s mother shared what it was like to witness the competition from an outside perspective.  

“These players have given it their all this year.  We have previously struggled and fought for the top spot and in the end, we never could catch it, but on this day, I witnessed a different team come to compete.  I could see it in their eyes that they wanted the South 7 title.  They fought and gave it their all and in the end, all of their hard work paid off!  MV left its heart and soul out in those lanes,” Mrs. Elliott added.

The bowling teams have highlights outside of the lanes as well as on them.  For example, many players achieved new high scores this season.  This includes Storment who bowled a 223 for the first time.  Other victories include team bonding and fun experiences.

Though victorious in the Conference, the bowling season is still not over yet.

“I’m so ready to finish out this season with my boys,” stated Rylan VanMatre, ‘22.