Superintendent Andrews speaks to juniors on SAT prep

Mrs. Melanie Andrews presents PowerPoint presentation at the Schweinfurth Theater on March 18, regarding the SAT test for Juniors.


Superintendent Andrews presents PowerPoint on the SAT.

Cam Meyer, Editor In-Chief

On March 18, Superintendent Melanie Andrews talked about the SAT to members of the junior class.

Mrs. Andrews presented a PowerPoint in the Schweinfurth Theater where she talked about everything regarding the test for Juniors.

“I presented this PowerPoint to help students not stress out as much when it comes to this and get them to understand they are more than just a test score,” stated Mrs. Andrews.

This PowerPoint that Superintendent Andrews presented has helped students to understand the testing process on March 23.

“I have received letters from students about the presentation about how it has affected their thoughts going into test day and how it made them more comfortable,” Mrs. Andrews said.

Mrs. Andrews also described how students tend to think about the SAT.

“I think when you speak of a test like the SAT, or even the ACT, high school students get this feeling of fear and stress, because they may not know what’s on the test and think the stakes are too high for this test,” described Mrs. Andrews.

Even though students aren’t defined by one test score, it is still important to try to do well on this test, and not just fly through it like it’s any other quiz.

“It’s important that they still do well not just for their own personal image, but for the district as well to see what we can improve on with these scores,” assured Mrs. Andrews.

As the time of the year comes around for the SAT, Vernois News sends positive thoughts for an overall stress-free test experience, and solid scores to come.