MV introduces tradition with Powderpuff

MV Student Council revives a student activity during Homecoming Week


Cam Meyer, Editor In-Chief

On October 4, MV’s Student Council hosted its first-ever Powderpuff game at the new campus, a flag-football competition between girls from all four grade levels.

The game was a huge success, with an estimated 295 total tickets sold, leaving the fans wanting more afterward.

“I was very pleased with the outcome of our Powderpuff Event. I was worried about the outcome since I have never participated in a flag football game, let alone been in charge of a powderpuff game. With the great help of Wes Plummer and the Gridiron, this night was one to remember, and hopefully, a replica of nights to come in future years,” stated Chairwoman of the Student Council Powderpuff committee and player Justice Malone, ‘23.

The bracket of matchups began at 6:45 pm with the Freshmen going up against the Sophomores.

“The team and I were feeling amazing. We knew we were going to win because we are just that good,” asserted Sophomore player Kamaree Pollard.

The Sophomores came out on top of the game’s finish and made a statement in the process, shutting out the Freshmen 20-0.

“We felt good going into finals, but we knew it was going to be a challenge,” affirmed Pollard.

The second matchup was a highly-anticipated matchup between the Seniors and Juniors.

“I felt super strongly about going into powderpuff. We practiced quite a bit because none of us knew what we were doing. We were pretty confident about winning the whole powderpuff, we had good plays, but when it came to game day, we got in our heads and had some coaching errors. but other than that, I LOVED my team and my coaches and just overall bonded and got closer with my team. I 100% would do it again, and I hope we continue to do it for years on,” expressed Junior player Kaleigh Brumley.

The Seniors ended up picking up the win in the end, going into the finals with a commanding win.

“Our team was beyond ecstatic about beating the Juniors. Of all four teams, the Juniors were talking the most trash. At the final Senior practice, we all agreed that we wanted to win the championship, but as long as we beat the Juniors, it was a great day,” described Malone.

Finally, the championship was set: Seniors vs Sophomores for class supremacy.

“After the win, we felt amazing, we had defeated everybody there except the Juniors, but 2025 was still on top,” described Pollard.

The first half ended with the two teams tied 6-6 and they ended up pulling ahead after the half came to a close.

“The crowd’s performance did help us because we had our little section cheering for us then you had the Juniors and Seniors going against us. They made it more fun and gave us the energy we needed to win,” affirmed Pollard.

The Sophomores ended up winning after the second half ended with a final score of 18-6.

“Since we all agreed that winning a championship would be great, but beating the Juniors would be better, the loss wasn’t very tragic. The Sophomores are full of talented players, and we knew it would be a tough game before it even started,” stated Malone.

“The team and I played so well that day and we wish we could have played more! 2025 will always be on top,” said Pollard.

With the clear excitement, fan interaction, and competition powderpuff brings with it, you’d have to think there would be more to come from MV within the coming years.

“Our school is overflowing with Powderpuff talent that I am hopeful to start a league within a 30-60mi radius,” exclaimed Malone, “I know of a few local schools that already participate in this and I would love to get our school involved in the next level.”