How Speech and Acting Works


Alaina Maurer, Opinions Editor

Speech and Acting students recently sat down with Vernois News to explain what Speech and Acting is and to speak in front of people to learn how to memorize what they are going to talk about at events.

Reagan Bullard ‘25, Grace Mathews ‘26, and Cadence Morgan ‘24 explain what Speech and Acting mean. 

Bullard said, “ Speech and Acting is a club that will allow you to focus on your public speaking skills. Speech ranges from Original Comedy to Dramatic Readings. We have something for everybody!” 

Morgan stated, “ Speech and Acting are competing against other high schools in speech and acting events. I’m entering in Dramatic Interpretation, which is their own or have to come up with it the day of.”

Mathews replied, “ Speech and Acting is a group of students competing in different events. The event that I compete in is INFO, basically, I will think of a topic and find statistics about that topic to write an informative speech telling about what that topic is about. 

Morgan and Bullard tell how long they have been in Speech and Acting. Reagan Bullard said, “Two Years.” Cadence Morgan replied, “ I started this year, so only about a year now.” 

Mathews, Bullard, and Morgan described what they thought of Speech and Acting when they started. 

Mathews stated, “ I thought it was going to be like FBLA when I first heard about it but it is now completely different.”

Morgan replied, “I thought it was way more professional than it really is. I was completely overwhelmed but eventually eased into it.”

Bullard said, “ When I first started speech and Acting, I thought it was a pressure-filled experience, but it turned out to be a very exciting and friend;y community.”

Morgan and Bullard explain how they prepare themselves for their tournaments. 

Bullard exclaimed, “ Memorization is the best way to prepare, along with figuring out gestures and vocal inflection.”

Morgan commented, “ I don’t really do much, I just go over my script the night before. The week of the tournament I go to coaching with Mrs. Bliffen or Mr. Holden.”

Mathews, Morgan, and Bullard tell how they feel about the Sectionals coming up this weekend. 

Mathews noted, “At Regionals, it was an amazing experience and the competition was real. Everyone brought their game and came to win.”

Morgan added, “ I am a little nervous but I know it will go well as long as I perform how I did last weekend at Regionals.”

Bullard mentioned, “ I am very excited and nervous about Sectionals, I am ready to try for State!

Bullard and Morgan wanted to add some words of their own. 

Bullard said, “ Speech and Acting is for anyone and everyone. If you feel like you do not have a tribe or a community, come join us!”

Morgan stated, “ Speech is one of the best environments to be in. As well as putting yourself up for great scholarship opportunities, you also develop a great ability for public speaking.”