Theater for Kids 2022

It’s that time of year again!


Madeline Fiedler and Daphne McGhee

MV Drama Club is staging the annual Theater for Kids production of The Emperor’s New Clothes, set to debut on October 20 and 21, in the Schweinfurth Theater.
Ms. Raquel Maxey, drama director, stated that the amount of effort for this play took,“Hours and hours.”
This will be her 3rd MV theater production as the director of the drama department.
So far, everyone seems to, “have good chemistry’’ according to Carter Hertenstein, ‘25, who will be playing the part of the emperor, along with Christipher Gordon, ‘23.
Gordon commented, “It’s the most fun thing I’ve done so far the entire time I’ve been here.”
Auditioning for this play was a long task though, Ms. Maxey stated, “Auditions took around 4 to 5 days.”
Ms. Maxey also stated that any person she thought worked for a certain role, worked for another character instead, making the auditioning process difficult to complete.
For some people, remembering lines is easy, but for others, it’s more difficult.
Hertenstein stated, “It’s difficult if it’s the first time, and if you don’t have a method.”
He revealed that a technique that works for him is practicing in front of a mirror, and not having any technology around where he’s practicing.
Another process to memorize lines used by Molly Federici, ‘26, is by working hard day and night to read her lines repeatedly.
Stage crew also plays a very important part for this play, having to get props ready for shows.
A stage crew member, Taylor Easton, ‘26, disclosed,”I love being in stage crew, and getting to contribute to help get the play ready.”
One of the stage crew managers, Ely Schernekau, ‘23, describes his experience as a stage manager as, “The equivalent of being a teacher, I get to run around school and do stuff for other people.”
This year, ticket prices are $5 per person and fourth grade and under are free.
If students are looking for an extracurricular to join, this is the way to go.
“Do stage crew” stated Schernekau.
Gordon said, “If you’re even slightly thinking about joining, do it.”