Why Speech and Acting?

The Inside Scoop for this Beneficial Organization


Reagan Bullard & Chesney Sharp practice their Dramatic Duet Acting script.

Ryan Bendersky, Editor In-Chief

A hidden gem in MV extracurriculars over the years has been the Speech and Acting organization. What is this program to its members and why does it have significance in a high school setting?

“Speech and Acting is an international program in which you can compete [differently] by giving speeches, either self-written or researched, to a panel of judges,” said Reagan Bullard, ‘25, a member of the organization.

Katie Craddock, ‘25, added, “[Speech and Acting] is coming out of your comfort zone into a world of performers.”

These Speech and Acting members expressed their appreciation for how this organization tremendously helps one’s performance skills.

A frequently mentioned fact of this extracurricular is that many students in the Drama Club also take part in Speech and Acting, but why should others be interested in this program?

Bullard answered, “Whatever you are looking to improve on, whether it be public speaking, writing, or [even] acting [skills], Speech is truly an amazing place to be.”

Improvement in these skills seems like enough benefit to any interested student, but what other Speech and Acting assets can benefit the organization members’ futures?

Carter Hertenstein, ‘25, said, “I want to be a lawyer and being a part of Speech and Acting helps me conquer my fears of public speaking.”

“No matter what you want to go into, [Speech and Acting] will look amazing on a college resume,” added Craddock.

With these amazing assets waiting to be attained through Speech and Acting, what is MV waiting for? If this organization sounds interesting then give it a try!