Where have all the masks gone?

MV, other district across area lift mask requirements.


Following new legislature changes, many MV students are ditching masks.

The Editorial Board

At MV and throughout Illinois, masks have disappeared. Governor J.B. Prtizker announced that Illinois would lift its mask mandate on Monday, February 28. However, masks will continue to be required on public transportation stations, airports, congregate facilities, such as prisons or homeless shelters, and in healthcare settings, as well as hospitals, according to NBCChicago.com.

Pritzker had previously said the order requiring masks in schools wouldn’t end on February 28, but he reversed course on Friday February 25. Governor Pritzker announced the change after the Illinois Supreme Court denied his appeal of a restraining order in a lawsuit going against the mask mandate.

Will they be back? Illinois has seen a dramatic drop off in numbers since the omicron surge last month. Around 70% of the nation’s counties are at low or medium risk for COVID, according to NBCChicago.com. We think it is safe to say that the students of MV will not have to wear masks for the rest of this year. 

 Many feel as if school is finally getting back to normal with the masks being gone. On the other hand some are so used to wearing masks, that they just wear them out of habit. 

As we move forward, a general rule of thumb to keep in mind is if one feels compromised in closed settings, or if someone is ill, it’s good to practice the following protocols: wear a mask, wash hands, and remain home if one feels ill. It’s good advice, and just common sense.