Lack of Pep Rallies

The 2022-2023 has been lacking in the school spirit deaprtmen, and students are upset.


The Editorial Board

MV is notorious for being a school full of spirit and school pride. This year, however, the light seems a little more dim. It is already the second semester and we have only had one Pep Rally. For new freshmen, this might seem normal, but it is not. Prior to the pandemic, there were more rallies than just homecoming week. For example, there used to be a back to school rally. 

Students in high school today have already been robbed of enough. For seniors, this school year has the potential to be their only year of high school not directly impacted by the pandemic, yet it is the least involved year yet. Even during the pandemic, it seems like we were trying harder to maintain our school spirit. When capacity and social distancing became an issue, Student Council fought to have split rallies outdoors to ensure students still had something. Now that masks and COVID are a less pressing issue in the school, there has been no push for a pep assembly. It seems unfair. 

Understandably, there is a push to maintain the academic environment in the school. But, burnout is real, and constantly coming to school with nothing to look forward to other than homework and a pop quiz is strenuous. Having a little bit of fun and friendly class-on-class competition every now and then will not hurt anybody nor render their ability to learn in a classroom.

 Progress is already coming as a Winter Pep Rally is scheduled for students on February 3. Hopefully as the second semester advances, students are given the opportunity to participate in more than one assembly and make the most of the year given to them.