Let’s hear it for Student Services


By The Editorial Board

Ever wondered what goes on behind the glass windows of A130 … you know, the windows that display the colorful “Take What You Need” post-it messages? MV Student Services is a one-stop shop of sorts … it is the place on campus to find school counselors who coordinate class schedules, course selection, testing information, and other academic matters. But, they do much more than that, and that is why, on this National School Counselors week, many are saying, “Let’s hear it for Student Services.”

Led by Assistant Principal Mrs. Julie Littlefair, the office employs class of 2019 Counselor Mrs. Jena Allen, Class of 2020 Counselor Mrs. Caitlyn Klaybor, Class of 2021 Counselor Mrs. Kim Lichtenfels, and class of 2022 Counselor Mrs. Sarah Watts, as well as social workers Mrs. Lamanda Brookman and Ms. Mary Friess and Administrative Secretary Ms. Christine Thomas.

Among students, third quarter is certainly the toughest quarter for a variety of reasons. Many students vent their complaints about the workload associated with third quarter. Top on the list of complaints is stress. Unfortunately, stress in life is unavoidable, but with too much stress comes anxiety, and with anxiety comes less motivation. Unfortunately, the lack of motivation plague sometimes affects MV, and students feel it. Thankfully, students have a great option.

Many students go into Student Services with problems, but they come out with solutions. For example, some, at the beginning of the year or semester find that the class they signed up for no longer suits them. The student’s counselor will help them select a new class that they will not only enjoy, but that will most likely help them in their future career. Student Services is also a great place to start planning for college, military, or a career straight out of high school. At the root of each counselor or social worker’s heart in Student Services is the sincere desire to help students. At this stressful time of the year, many students need someone with whom to talk. Unfortunately, some at MV are left without friends, and especially in high school, this can be a very difficult time to feel alone. But some have found refuge in the walls of A130. MV, your counselors do so much more than scheduling – they help people. Some go into the office because of relationship problems. Some go in for clothes, a coat, or even shoes (yes, they give out all three to those who are in need). Others just go in because they have had a bad day and need to see a smiling face. Problems are resolved, and students are appreciated.

So, for an office and group of people who may not get much recognition: Thank you, MV Student Services. You are impacting the lives of students, teachers, homes, and people.