Mutual respect for Rams


The Editorial Board

Beginning in our youngest years, respect is a concept taught to be shown towards everyone we meet, everywhere we go. 

However, for a concept that is taught so often, many people continue to falter quite a bit. 

Sometimes, one may hear yelling or arguing in the hallways of MV, which may even lead to a physical fight. In the classroom, students often times choose not to treat a substitute teacher with the same regard as their regular teacher. 

Why aren’t we showing kindness towards one another?

According to Cambridge Dictionary, respect is, “the polite attitude shown toward someone or something that you consider important.”

To have respect shown to you, you must reciprocate that same respect. 

First – it doesn’t have to be a big gesture. One doesn’t always have to go out of their way. Showing respect towards others is actually quite simple. Concepts such as following directions from the teacher or staying quiet during a presentation are both ways we can show respect towards people everyday at school. These are easy tasks to do, but it makes a world of a difference both in and out of the classroom. 

Second – staff at MV works hard to create an environment for students to learn and grow, from the Operations staff making sure the school is clean to teachers creating a stimulating learning atmosphere in their classrooms. Simple actions such as picking up after yourself and using classroom materials properly show both respect and appreciation for their hard work.

Finally, use kind words towards teachers, students, substitute teachers, and staff members at MV. The language one uses creates an impact on the environment at school and the way one is perceived. Some days, this may be particularly difficult – especially on a bad day. However, a bad day is not an excuse for a lack of respect. 

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect, and it’s not difficult to show it.

For building a better world, and a better environment here at school, have some respect, MV.