Invest into your happiness


The Editorial Board

Everyone, at one point in their life, has made a decision in order to please someone else, even if it did not have a positive impact on themselves. Little decisions like this, such as kind gestures, are wonderful and can bring happiness to those around oneself. However, when dedicating oneself to pleasing others becomes a habit exercised within one’s major life decisions, it can be unhealthy. 

In our judgmental society full of people-pleasers, it’s easy to become immersed in altruistic, self-sacrificing culture. We wear, adopt, and participate in activities we do not enjoy with the aspiration of being liked by or satisfying others. 

This is particularly true for high school students, who are continuously suffocated by peer pressure and expectations created by parental figures. 

Quite often teenagers make choices or hide their true selves to be seen as “cool” by their peers, or pursue degrees and careers they have no interest in to gain the approval and respect of their parents. 

Even though examples like these are common, one does not have to alter their desires or goals to align with someone else’s. Everyone is on a different journey in life. That journey belongs to each individual person, so don’t let others influence one’s direction in life.

It is one’s responsibility to invest in themselves and to make sure they do not sacrifice themselves for the sake of others. To not tolerate unnecessary aspects of their life that are dramatically draining them of their happiness and peace of mind. To make decisions based on their own personal goals that will contribute to their future, rather than someone else’s vision for them. 

So, MV, make sure one takes on these responsibilities, but also respect others when they choose to do the same.